Pinch Roller Assembly for DVW-A500, DVW-500, DVW-510, DNW-A30, DNW-A65, DNW-A75, HDW-500, and HDW-F500
Athan P/N: ATH-DB-PA, OEM P/N: X-3167-054-7

PRICE: $75.00

Pinch roller assembly with arm and bearings. Longer lasting pinch roller for Beta DVW, HDW, and DNW machines. Made with Athan proprietary polyurethane material. Also, the natural color of this product makes it easier to detect dirt build-up.

Pinch roller arm improvements include:

  • Made out of solid aluminum.
  • Surface is hard plated to prevent wear from solenoid contact.
  • Pivot hole is hard plated to prevent wear.

NEW! The pinch roller now has edge relieves at the top and bottom. This allows you the following advantages:

  • Prevents edge damage on tapes; it is impossible to have any edge damage caused by this type of pinch roller.
  • Increases capstan motor life it does not force the edges of the tape to cut into the motor shaft.
  • Tape edges do not cut into or stain the pinch roller.
  • Great for editing purposes because it does not put strain onto the tape while changing directions or increasing/ decreasing speed.

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